I love art, music and photography. Music is truely the sound track to my life. It inspires me, makes me happy and at times makes me sad. Music gives people that extra push when needed. It helps someone gather that extra ounce of strength to win a race. It gives you that extra courage to ask that girl out that you have always wanted to. Music brings people together. When I can go to a club on a Wed.night and watch musicans play for a handful of people with the same intensity as if they were playing for hundreds…then that inspires me. When you can go into a club feeling good and leave feeling even better. You see…that is what it does for me. If I can capture that one photo that makes people wish that they would have been there. Then I feel like I have given the music and the musician the well deserved thanks for being there for me..  S.Alcala

  guest writers and contributers:    Matt Flack,  Brian Hodge


One comment

  1. I love your photos. I myself like taking photos of pretty much anything – there’s so much beauty in the simple/small things.

    I will be adding your blog to my blogroll – I look forward to seeing more of your handy work.

    check mine out if you want: http://www.12baroriginal.wordpress.com

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