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Ethan Kennedy’s (Kinky Machine)

October 27, 2011

When I talked with Ethan a while back he mentioned he was thinking about putting another band together.  He wanted to add a few more pieces to his already talented line up and call it Kinky Machine.  I was excited when he told me the band name and what his ideas were for his new adventure.  I saw it in his eyes that he had big plans for this band and were he wanted to take it.  I had the opportunity to check out Kinky Machine last week at Momos for their first gig and let me tell you brotha, these guys are good.   Kinky Machine is Ethan Kennedy on vocals, Drew D’Entremont on the drums, Matt Sheffer on percussion and keys, Sam Pankey on bass and Matt Mueling on guitar.  That’s really all you guys need to know.  They are playing next Thursday at Franks here in Austin, TX.    The only way I can describe it is sometimes when you see a painting in a gallery and you stand in front of it and see all the cool colors, layers and texture the painting has it inspires you to go and create.  It inspires you to tell your friends about what you saw.  You describe the painting to your friends the best way possible but its never quite the same as being there and standing in front of it yourself.  To truly experience Kinky Machine you need to stand in front of them and see it for yourself.


Jack Martin, D. Welch wedding day

October 17, 2011


Cause For Applause @ 29th St. Ballroom

October 15, 2011