Centro-matic’s Candidate Waltz

July 12, 2011

centro-matic 2008

Aquarium Drunkard.com asked to use one of my photos for a Centro-matic interview that they did in June.  If you haven’t checked out Centro-matic yet then you should.  I have been listening to their music since their first album, Redo The Stacks.   I remember when I first saw Will J.  play when I was going to North Texas.  He opened up for Edie Brickell at Rick’s Place across the street from campus.  Will walked out with his amp and guitar and started playing.   I was going to school there and working at the local grocery store at the time.  Will came in one day and I talked to him for a moment near the beer section.   I asked him if he had a band and he said that he was putting one together.   The next time I saw him play he had Matt Pence, Scott Danbom, Mark Hedman on stage with him.  These guys have been together ever since, touring and cranking out albums.  They have built a great loyal fan base over the last fifteen years.   A fan base that will truely grow with their new album Candidate Waltz.   Its a great album and should be added to your music collection today. http://www.aquariumdrunkard.com/2011/06/13/centro-matic-the-ad-interview-2/

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