Ethan Kennedy

December 17, 2010

I had a chance to sit down with Ethan Kennedy last night and talk with him about his music.  Ethan is originally from Houston and came to Austin to go to UT for electrical engineering.  He attended for a short time and then realized that it wasn’t really for him.  At that point he was ready to give his life to music. ” I want to make the music that I love, I think its possible, I think it can be done”.  Some of his influences range from The Beetles, Bob Dylan to Tom Waits.  Ethan’s music has a  unique and eclectic sound to it.  His songs have depth with a simplicity to them.  During his live shows he keeps you engaged with his passion and energy.   I asked him how would you describe your music?  ” Its diverse, ultimately its Rock n Roll to me.  Rock n Roll is inherently a diverse music.”  I asked him about Facebook and Myspace and other forms of internet tools to see if he thinks those types of outlets help musicians or takes away from them.  He admits that there are pros and cons to it.  “It does help people promote themselves and its extremely easy.  I think its good, it begs for creative output…it invites it.”  “It is healthy for all human beings to be engaged creatively in some form or fashion to be generating some creative output, to be spending time in a sort of creative state….good.  I don’t see any harm coming from this.”  Ethans current album Raucous is great.  If you haven’t picked it up yet then you should.  Raucous  keeps you wanting to press play over and over again. He is planning on releasing some newer songs throughout next year, maybe as an EP but no real plans on a full length just yet.  He just wants to get the music out there so people can hear it.  I asked him if he could give any advise to a musician who is just starting out what would it be  ” I would say, just start, and just go, just do, create and build.  As long as you are doing whatever you do with some heart you will be fine.”  Ethan is playing at Momos this Saturday (9pm).  Be sure to get out and support some local music.  Don’t forget about the tip jars.  I hope all is well.



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