Dertybird @ The Moon

August 11, 2010

I’ve said this before but when I go on the road with bands and see what they go through to play their music every night its truely amazing.   Life on the road is not so exciting.  It does have its moments but from what I have seen its a long, tuff road that has its ups and downs.  I am  privileged to be able to call the bands that I shoot for my friends.  Even though I am not in the band they always make me feel like I am part of their family.  They let me in their circle of trust and that means a lot to me.   I document what I see and I try to capture what they go through the best I can without invading their space.   When they have a bad night,  I have a bad night.   When they don’t get paid enough, especially after traveling a few hours to play for 45 minutes then that  pisses me off.  I understand every club and venue is different and eveybody pays differently too.  The club has to make money because they have rent and employees.  I know the band has to make money so they can put gas in their car, pay for a hotel room, fix a flat tire, etc.   The music business is tuff. Owning a club is tuff, being in a band is tuff.  I give both much respect for doing what they do.   So next time when you are out and about listening to a band in whatever city you live in rememeber what these guys and girls go through every night.  Don’t forget about the tip jars.  If it costs five bucks to get in the door maybe put two dollars in the tip jar.  If you are buying beers then you can afford putting in two dollars in the tip jar.  If you get in the club for free or on the list  then you should be able to at least put something in the tip jar.   Heck,  if you see one of the band members at the bar, maybe buy him or her a drink , tell them thanks, you guys sounded great.   You will be suprised how much of that will go a long way. 


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