Photography In The Shop

January 21, 2010

I like messing around with my photos in photoshop.  A lot of it is just having fun with the image trying to see were you can take it.   I like contrast and negative space.  The picture of Dan Dyer I made contrasty, cropped it so the keyboards are in the bottom of the frame.  I love graphic design so when I work with a photo I like to visualize it as a poster or maybe in a book.  Leaving some negative space for text.  The first picture of Travis Nelsen I cropped it in such a way so that the symbols formed this black negative space in the right of the frame.  Almost as if they were about to swallow him up.  The pictures of Jeremy Bruch when I was shooting from behind the stage I noticed his shadow on the wall.  I watched him drum for a few songs and it was pretty cool to watch him and his shadow.  I wished I had a video camera to shoot it, it would have been a cool shot to capture.  In the second to last shot I liked the way the drum sticks were blurred and I added a kick off  his snare drum.


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