New Orleans with the Bird

November 3, 2009

Clayton Colvin

I went on the road with Dertybird to New Orleans.  We drove down on Friday morning, got there and played that night.  I think we stayed up till almost 5am then we got in the van the next morning and headed back to Austin Texas to play MOMOS that night.  When I go out on the road with bands like Dan Dyer and Dertybird it really makes me appreciate what a band goes through to play music.  Its not easy, often long hours in a van.  Staying in hotel rooms and dealing with weather.  Then playing 45minutes to an hour and a half on stage, packing it all up and doing it again.  I feel connected with musicians.  We both have the love of music running through our veins.  It keeps us going. Its our food, our energy.  Without it,  life would go on but, it wouldn’t be the same.


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